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The Venue

The Barn event venue is located on several acres which was once the Ackerhurst dairy farm where Bennnington meets Omaha. The Barn provides a climate controlled area for up to 450 guests. There are two distinct reception areas in the barn on each level, each with its own charm and beauty.  The grounds surrounding the building has many areas for photo opportunities and includes a location for outside ceremonies .

The Barn - Then

The Ackerhurst barn is an extraordinary example of a Dutch Gambrel dairy barn. This style of barn was once a ubiquitous resource in Douglas County and is now very rare.

The Ackerhurst barn was built in 1935 by Anthony W. Ackerman for the Ackerhurst dairy, described at the time in a Omaha World-Herald article as "one of the finest dairy barns in the middle west".

A great many steps were taken to insure the purity and quality of the milk produced by the Ackerman dairy herd. For example:

  • a veterinarian was on duty at all times

  • high quality hay was trucked to the dairy

  • all of the milking equipment installed was manufactured of stainless steel, then state of the art

The scale of the Ackerhurst barn is impressive, measuring 193 feet long by 40 feet wide. The second floor of the barn retains a cathedral-like hayloft comprised of wooden trusses.

The Barn - Now

You will be intrigued by The Barn's rustic architecture and you will fall in love with its modern elegance.    The venue is only rented to one party at a time so that the entire facility can be enjoyed in a way that meets your needs.  This gives you and your guests a variety of spaces to enjoy throughout the evening.  Since this is such a unique venue, this allows you to carry out your vision without any  distractions of other parties and 100% of the focus is on your special day. 


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