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What to Expect

At The Barn we believe you should have the entire facility to yourself and your event should be the only thing happening that day!!!   You have full flexibility to design your event to what suits you best.   You have the farm grounds, the milking parlor, the haymow and the loft at your disposal.  Our in-house wedding planners will help you create a wedding that all of your guests will never forget!!!


Catering Kitchen

All events will have access to our catering kitchen for caters to serve your meal. We provide the standard items such as paper towels garbage bags and dumpsters for trash at no extra charge.

Full Service Bar

We have a licensed fully stocked bar and include bar tender service in the package. We can also customize the drink menu to accommodate special requests or even Bride and Groom signature cocktails. Due to being a licensed bar, we cannot allow alcohol to be carried in.

For Your Convenience

We have an extensive list of rental companies, decorators, caterers, and DJ’s that we have worked with to complete your perfect event and are happy to discuss options.

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